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commit 8fedb955c37a59f0fe98578dd1a679c547a76a42
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Thu Feb 22 17:43:16 2018 -0700

    Perl_langinfo(): Need to save return under more circumstances
    I forgot that the internal static buffers returned from nl_langinfo()
    and localconv() can be destroyed if the locale changes, and not just
    from a subsequent call to the function.  Therefore save the results

commit 88a9e99a03daccb1dd60e20f1a86df164fda7e6d
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Thu Feb 22 14:21:23 2018 -0700

    APItest:locale.t Fix ALT_DIGITS test
    The value returned for ALT_DIGITS may vary by locale and platform.
    Change the  test to only look for a result, as opposed to a particular
    This should fix
    but I'll leave the ticket open until that is verified.

commit e6503cfaf66489377762c7db6154f09f3dfc99a9
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 21:15:21 2018 -0700

    locale.c: Add STATIC_ASSERT
    I tried this in a smoke earlier, and got one failure, and to keep on
    going, removed it temporarily.  But many other changes later, I tried
    again in a smoke, and it isn't failing.  A legitimate failure of this
    assertion would mean reading/writing past a buffer end.

commit 03b0cef1b2154c95c383d7def8c5a2b4a4ebede3
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Wed Feb 14 21:25:41 2018 -0700

    XXX don't push t/un/locale.t: Add debugging code


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