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commit 071284f5587257f57318be35d475e2bc0433f444
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 11:23:26 2018 -0700


commit 20f732ce3e7012ecab3e2ad8639ce2fa54d3472e
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 11:18:56 2018 -0700

    XXX combine with something else pp.c: Add blank line

commit 00bac504e5aa23ccc1fc60ef49052f1494d6afd2
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 11:13:09 2018 -0700

    locale.c: Properly return LC_ALL locale names
    On systems using POSIX 2008 functions that don't have querylocale(),
    perl has to keep track of the locale names currently in effect.  There
    was code to invalidate LC_ALL as a single name if one or more of its
    components aren't all the same.  But omitted was code to re-validate it
    when they later do become the same.  This commit adds that omitted code.

commit a64dd72a90049e1180fe2196c1a12f07356ba367
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 11:06:45 2018 -0700

    locale.c: Fix dangling set of LC_NUMERIC to C
    In the past, we've kept LC_NUMERIC in the C locale, because so much code
    relies on the radix character being a dot.  5.27.9 added an enhancement
    that checks if the current locale already has it be a dot.  If so, it's
    fine to keep the locale in that one.
    The spot fixed by this commit didn't get updated to account for this
    (I realize that the docs also need to be updated; that will be in a
    future commit)

commit 2797ed5cdf159a3a74db095acb21aef5056753fc
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 11:02:40 2018 -0700

    t/ 8859-16 is legit; 8859-0 isn't
    This adjusts the loop boundaries looking for come common locale names.
    It was failing to look for 8859-16; instead looking for latin0, 8859-0,
    which don't exist

commit c2b143710c5fe10222ce9d040e0ce8cd70ca3086
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 10:59:33 2018 -0700

    perlapi: Clarify Perl_langinfo()

commit fed31a7e7aa9beb88c5c81a872f021d48cf79297
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Fri Feb 23 10:46:53 2018 -0700

    t/ Consider recently added warning
    This file has functions that look for and return the valid locales on
    the current system.  A new incompatibility was discovered and a warning
    generated for in 8b7358b96caf71db3213a7d72fc401e42ee0b2d.
    This file should have been updated at that time to look for that message
    to mean it the locale is not compatible.  This commit updates it.

commit 8fedb955c37a59f0fe98578dd1a679c547a76a42
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Thu Feb 22 17:43:16 2018 -0700

    Perl_langinfo(): Need to save return under more circumstances
    I forgot that the internal static buffers returned from nl_langinfo()
    and localconv() can be destroyed if the locale changes, and not just
    from a subsequent call to the function.  Therefore save the results

commit 88a9e99a03daccb1dd60e20f1a86df164fda7e6d
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Thu Feb 22 14:21:23 2018 -0700

    APItest:locale.t Fix ALT_DIGITS test
    The value returned for ALT_DIGITS may vary by locale and platform.
    Change the  test to only look for a result, as opposed to a particular
    This should fix
    but I'll leave the ticket open until that is verified.

commit e6503cfaf66489377762c7db6154f09f3dfc99a9
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Mon Feb 19 21:15:21 2018 -0700

    locale.c: Add STATIC_ASSERT
    I tried this in a smoke earlier, and got one failure, and to keep on
    going, removed it temporarily.  But many other changes later, I tried
    again in a smoke, and it isn't failing.  A legitimate failure of this
    assertion would mean reading/writing past a buffer end.

commit 03b0cef1b2154c95c383d7def8c5a2b4a4ebede3
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Wed Feb 14 21:25:41 2018 -0700

    XXX don't push t/un/locale.t: Add debugging code


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