In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.24.4 has been created


        at  eba8030116f2e2c83e21c3470c8341102bf0fe8e (tag)
   tagging  901dd848e31de6d0cacfb77c029b4e92c41a13ce (commit)
  replaces  v5.24.4-RC1
 tagged by  Steve Hay
        on  Sat Apr 14 10:37:58 2018 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Perl 5.24.4

Steve Hay (5):
      Disarm patchlevel.h and regen META.json
      Add epigraphs for 5.24.4-RC1 and 5.26.2-RC1
      Update Module-CoreList for 5.24.4
      5.24.4 today
      Finalize perldelta


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