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commit d74f8cc80ea54a79e572b5c0f87ff85e882a6856
Author: Daniel Dragan <>
Date:   Wed Apr 11 02:15:18 2018 -0400

    fix -DNO_MATHOMS build, mathomed syms were not removed from perldll.def
    Commit 3f1866a8f6 assumed "A" flag means a function can't be mathomed. Not
    true. Many funcs were listed in embed.fnc as "A" yet were in mathoms.c.
    This caused a missing symbol link failure on Win32 with -DNO_MATHOMS,
    since the "A" mathomed funcs were now put into perlldll.def while
    previously they were parsed out of mathoms.c by Revise the
    logic so "b" means instant removal from the export list on a no mathoms
    embed.fnc "b" flag adds were generated from a missing symbol list from my
    linker, some funcs not in my build/platform config might need to be "b"
    flagged in future. Some funcs like ASCII_TO_NEED were already marked "b"
    but still being by mistake exported because they were also "A".
    sv_2bool, sv_eq and sv_collxfrm also needed a "p" flag or a Perl_-less
    symbol was declared in proto.h. sv_2bool and sv_collxfrm also failed
    porting/args_assert.t so add those macros to mathoms.c

commit 7864422e9910c93673f6599ecbe66672b93df69b
Author: Karl Williamson <>
Date:   Sat Apr 14 22:53:14 2018 -0600

    Move utf8_to_uvchr out of mathoms.c
    This function can't be in mathoms because of its use in Devel::PPPort.
    I tried fixing that, but the tools just hung, so this commit moves it
    back to utf8.c, while still deprecated.


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