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commit 73c2448ac3130796e1331a819873ef65f8b52194
Author: Graham Knop <>
Date:   Mon May 7 13:50:53 2018 +0200

    fix Storable rethrowing refs when Log::Agent is installed
    Storable rethrows errors from its hooks, STORABLE_freeze, STORABLE_thaw,
    and STORABLE_attach.  If those errors are refs, they should be preserved
    in their original form.  Tests were added to ensure this in 06f586d.
    However, when Log::Agent is installed, Storable uses it rather than just
    calling Carp::croak.  Log::Agent's logcroak function always stringifies
    the errors it gets when it throws them.  This causes test failures in
    many cases when the dual life dist is installed from CPAN.
    This is a bug in Log::Agent, but since it is long standing behavior in a
    non-core module, it's reasonable to work around it in Storable.
    A simple workaround is to trap the error thrown by Log::Agent, and throw
    the original arguments given to our logcroak.

commit 2be4d66ed6ef104e869bffdee67db36452c0bb26
Author: Sawyer X <>
Date:   Wed Aug 8 19:34:30 2018 +0300

    Fix Devel::PPPort with Visual Studio by quoting $0:
    The following was raised by A. Sinan Unur on p5p:
        Recent versions of Devel::PPPort on Windows with Visual Studio built
        `perl` fail tests in t\mess.t because $0 is interpolated into regex
        patterns without the use of quotemeta[1].
        In this case, $0 contains `\` as directory separators.
        This is necessary, because nmake tries to interpret part of a filename
        as a command line argument if it contains `/` characters.
        An easy fix is to use \Q$0\E instead of plain $0 in patterns.
        Here's a test report:
        -- Sinan


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