If there's a plan for 5.8.8, it goes roughly like this

0: All changes that apply to maint are integrated from blead

1: Changes should be in blead by midnight (GMT) on the 16th October 2005

2: RC1 will probably appear within a week

I'll be out of the country for the first week in October, and probably mostly
incommunicado. I'll be in the country for the second week, but again mostly
incommunicado. This definitely isn't a problem, as

a: how patches get into blead *isn't* my direct concern
b: stable stuff isn't done as a last minute rush job

[You may read this as "if not being able to get patches into maint at the last
minute worries you, then those patches will by definition worry me"]

Clearly if anyone wants to fix bugs in pseudohashes or 5005 threads, then
those patches have to go direct to maint. But I believe that little else

Nicholas Clark

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