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Here is a snippet from #perl6 on freenode:

<BenGoldberg> m: ('a', 42, 'b', 22/7, 'c', 23).first(Int|Rat, :kv).say
<+camelia> rakudo-moar 641ee1: OUTPUT«any((1 42), (3 3.142857))␤»

The result I expected was OUTPUT«(1 42)␤»

The docs say that the first argument for .first is Mu $matcher, and therefor 
autothreading should not happen.

Rakudo implements .first using a couple of internal helper methods, 
!first-accepts and !first-accepts-end, located here: 

Both of these helpers have a first argument of $test, which is untyped, and is 
therefor of type Any.

Because of this, when either of these helper methods is called with a Junction, 
autothreading occurs.

So, if you could add a couple of Mu’s, I’d appreciate it.

Thanks, Ben Goldberg

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