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bartolin     lizmat: I saw your commit 9b6f2eb543 in the backlog. does that 
shed a different light on RT #128320 and the related rakudo PR 780? (that PR 
has conflicts now)
synopsebot6  Link:
lizmat       bartolin: looking
lizmat       bartolin: I don't think so, because #128320 is about Arrays not 
lizmat       ah, reading the pull request: perhaps the jvm has problems pushing 
nqp::null to an array ?
timotimo     we don't have something like VMNull on JVM? that surprises me
arnsholt     IIRC nqp::null on JVM is just plain null
lizmat       well, that's basically what does: make sure we don't push 
arnsholt     There are two potential solutions here, IMO
arnsholt     Either guard against the null from Rakudo (like in the PR), or 
find the spot in the Java runtime code that doesn't check for null and add a 
null check there instead
bartolin     lizmat: IIRC the problem occured because we used map in the 
failing code -- and inside map the List iterator is used
arnsholt     I'd be inclined to go for finding the problem in the Java code, I 
bartolin     sounds fair. I'll add this discussion to the ticket (and close the 
bartolin     arnsholt++ lizmat++ # thanks for looking
lizmat       bartolin: if this is still a problem, then I could make it JVM only
bartolin     lizmat: no, it's not a big problem (not worth a special case IMHO)
lizmat       ok
bartolin     (I fudged the failing test as todo some time ago)
lizmat       well, if it's todoed, is no longer NPEing ?
lizmat       *it's
bartolin     it's a 'lives-ok' test :-)
lizmat       but still, an NPE would exit the test script, wouldn't be 
catchable ?
timotimo     not sure if we turn an NPE into a perl6-level catchable exception
bartolin     well, the test file (S32-array/delete.t) has no passed todos and 
it does not die, either
* lizmat     is building an up-to-date JVM backend
lizmat       bartolin: seems the problem on JVM is now also gone:
lizmat       $ ./perl6-j -e 'my @a; @a[1] = 42; say { 1 }'
lizmat       (1 1)
lizmat       oops, it isn't:
lizmat       $ ./perl6-j -e 'my @a; @a[1] = 42; say map { $_ }, @a'
lizmat       java.lang.NullPointerException
lizmat       in block <unit> at -e line 1
bartolin     yepp, it's only the sub form of map
lizmat       m: sub a(+v) { dd v }; a( my @ = ^10 )
camelia      rakudo-moar 77a7a4: OUTPUT«(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)␤»
lizmat       m: sub a(+@v) { dd @v }; a( my @ = ^10 )
camelia      rakudo-moar 77a7a4: OUTPUT«[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]␤»
lizmat       seems like adding a sigil makes it an Array, and thus circumvent 
the issue
bartolin     lizmat: you mean in multi sub map?
lizmat       yeah...
lizmat       testing that now
bartolin     hmm, Larry introduced the +value there exactly one year ago 
lizmat       ./perl6-j -e 'my @a; @a[1] = 42; say map { $_ }, @a'
lizmat       ((Mu) 42)
lizmat       bartolin: alas, no go
lizmat       m: my @a = ^10; map { $_ = 42 }, @a; dd @a   # this breaks
camelia      rakudo-moar 77a7a4: OUTPUT«Array @a = [42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 42, 
42, 42, 42]␤»
lizmat       apparently the array is a copy
bartolin     ah.
bartolin     anyway, it's not the biggest problem with the jvm backend ... but 
thanks for looking!
lizmat       bartolin: yw
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