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>> In Python one can pass a string to the exit() function
>> Would it be possible to special case
> Not really keen on adding special cases to support programming-by-guessing 
> instead of reading the documentation.

I think these days it is way too much to expect people to read and
remember(!) the documentation.
At least no up-front.

However a more common case is the frequent language switching. I keep
typing Python constructs in Perl and Perl constructs in Python. Not to
mention Perl 5 vs 6 constructs. And JavaScript too.

> LTA errors is a pretty common topic, but we seem to be trying to solve the 
> problem by shooting off the hip any time someone brings something up. How 
> about a checklist for what an error must accomplish?

I have not given much thought to it, but I'd like my language to treat
me as a human. Instead of telling me I am stupid, it should give me
direction to fix the problem. Pointing at the specific paragraph in
the documentation can be part of it.

Rakudo does this quite well in some cases. In others less so.
The thing is that now that I try to recall when did Rakudo do well I
cannot really remember.
And that IMHO is a good thing.

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