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Hi All,


I just don't understand.

I want specifically (not a work around) want to make a
call to "getaddrinfo" and I don't know how to write in C.
(It is part of troubleshooting some other code that uses
getaddrinfo.  I want to see what it sees.)

The port I am look for is TCP 6566 (I can do without
the port if need be).

The addresses I am looking for is both

And I have no clue how to use native call.  I know I
am being a total mooch, but would some kind person mind
showing me how to call "getaddrinfo" with Native Call?

Many thanks,

Forgot to add this:

GETADDRINFO(3) Linux Programmer's Manual GETADDRINFO(3)

getaddrinfo, freeaddrinfo, gai_strerror - network address and service

       #include <sys/types.h>
       #include <sys/socket.h>
       #include <netdb.h>

       int getaddrinfo(const char *node, const char *ser
                       const struct addrinfo *hints,
                       struct addrinfo **res);

       void freeaddrinfo(struct addrinfo *res);

       const char *gai_strerror(int errcode);

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