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    A recent addition to my hashes keeper:

         Confining hashes:
         Note: as of 2020-01-15, confining only works with Str.
               And you must confine the entire hash, not each member

            my Str %h = A => "a"
            {A => a}

            my int %h = A => 123
            native value types for hashes not yet implemented. Sorry.

On 2020-01-15 18:27, yary wrote:
Capital I in Int, to not use native type

my Int %h = A => 123

{A => 123}


Hi Yary,

Updated and awesome!  Thank you!

Is Int

   Int objects store integral numbers of arbitrary size

one of those "Magic" variables that is unbounded, meaning
I can have a 1024 bit integer if I choose?


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