"The bloom is off the rose for the big tech companies.
  We no longer hear so much gushing about putting a library
  into everyone's hands, social media as a means of empowering
  people to challenge their governments, or tech innovators who
  make our lives better by disrupting old industries."

     "System Error" (2021)
     by Rob Recih, Meharan Sahami and Jeremey M. Weinstein

The Raku Study Group

March 26, 2023  1pm in California, 8pm in the UK

An informal meeting: drop by when you can, show us what you've got,
ask and answer questions, or just listen and lurk.

Perl and programming in general are fair game, along with Raku,

Zoom meeting link:

Passcode: 4RakuRoll

RSVPs are useful, though not needed:

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