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Try something like this, perhaps:

     $x ~~ s:i/ ^ (.*?) '</a>' .*?  '<a href="' (.*?) $ /$0  $1/;

Some explanations:


The :i modifier makes it case insensitive, so data with upper-case
html won't break things.

In general, you want to break it down into chunks, and just keep the
chunks you want.

^   begin matching at the start of the string

(.*?)   match anything up to the next pattern, *and* capture it to a variable

'...'   I'm using single quotes on the literal strings

$  match all the way to the end of the string.

Pinning the match with ^ and $ means a s/// will replace the entire string.

There are two captures, so they load $0 and $1, and here we're using
them in the replace string:    s/.../$0 $1/

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