I tried this and it worked without any problem.

Here's the whole program:

use v6.d;
say @*ARGS.raku;
if @*ARGS.elems > 0 && "@*ARGS[0]".lc eq "debug" {
    say 'got' }
and at the terminal:

$ raku todd-test.raku debug --debug=50
["debug", "--debug=50"]

why are you quoting ARGS? The .lc coerces to string anyway.
why are you using && and not 'and'
why are you not using a sub MAIN with an optional --debug
eg. sub MAIN( @args, Bool :$debug=False) {
if $debug { ... }

On 30/06/2023 06:06, ToddAndMargo via perl6-users wrote:
if @*ARGS.elems > 0  &&  "@*ARGS[0]".lc eq "debug"  {...}

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