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sub DirectoryExists( Str $DirPath     --> Bool ) { return "$DirPath".IO.d.Bool; }      # $Full DirPath format is `H:\MyDocsBackup`

Problem:  sometimes DirectoryExists lies about
backup1 existing.

Here is what I am up against.

You will note the "junction" points.  They should not be backed up.
But they are an being creasted as simple directories.

C:\Users\accounting\Documents>dir /a | grep -i junction
09/14/2020  07:39 AM    <JUNCTION>     My Music [C:\Users\accounting\Music]
09/14/2020 07:39 AM <JUNCTION> My Pictures [C:\Users\accounting\Pictures] 09/14/2020 07:39 AM <JUNCTION> My Videos [C:\Users\accounting\Videos]

This is the backup directory after a Windows Explorter erase.
Both DirectoryExists ($DirPath".IO.d.Bool" and Windows
Explorer with Hidden file turned on says it does not exist.

You will note that the command line says it does indeed exist.
And it does.

F:\MyDocsBackup\backup3\Documents 2023-08-15 16;28;47 (Full)>dir /a
 Volume in drive F is BACKUP
 Volume Serial Number is 0866-7D92

 Directory of F:\MyDocsBackup\backup3\Documents 2023-08-15 16;28;47 (Full)

01/05/2024  07:49 PM    <DIR>          .
01/05/2024  07:49 PM    <DIR>          ..
08/15/2023  03:29 PM    <DIR>          My Music
08/15/2023  03:29 PM    <DIR>          My Pictures
08/15/2023  03:29 PM    <DIR>          My Videos
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               5 Dir(s)  480,294,719,488 bytes free

Windows is such a horrid kluge.



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