"Over the years, executives have backed their desire to
   eliminate programmers with staggering funds.  Dozens of
   simplistic schemes have been heaped with money and praise
   on the promise-- as yet not kept-- of going directly from
   sales proposal to a working data-processing system. But we
   should not chide these executives for their naiveté in
   assessing technical merits.  We should applaud them in
   their sophistication in sensing the source of so many of
   our problems.  Their touching faith in the magic of
   technology should serve as inspiration ... "

      Gerald M. Weinberg,
      "Psychology of Computer Programming" (1971)

The Raku Study Group

February 25, 2024  1pm in California, 9pm in the UK

An informal meeting: drop by when you can, show us what you've got,
ask and answer questions, or just listen and lurk.

Perl and programming in general are fair game, along with Raku,

Zoom meeting link:

Passcode: 4RakuRoll

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