Hi.  Today I have started working on specifying and implementing
Featherweight Perl6 (FP6), a side-effect-free subset of Perl6:

    http://autrijus.org/pugs/fp6/   # FP6, the language
    http://autrijus.org/pugs/       # Pugs, the implementation

Since I am not well-versed in past Perl6 language discussions,
my reading of Synopses is bound to be incorrect in many fundamental

For example, in the "Some Example Code" section, I have no idea why
([$x, @$xs]) does not need the slurpy star, but (*$x, [EMAIL PROTECTED]) does. 
(cf. S06, version 5, "Unpacking array parameters".)

I'm also a bit unclear on how to pattern-match a pair in subroutine
signatures, as in the &add_pair example.

Also, is the "all lists are lazy by default" rule correctly used in
the @squares and @fib examples?  Is there a way to turn them into
functions instead of arrays?

Finally, the distributive laws and semantics for one() gives me troubles,
as my intuition on how to evaluate one() is weak.

As the implementation progresses, I'll probably bother the list with
many of such naive questions.  Thanks in advance for your patience. :-)


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