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Differences between 2015.12 and HEAD:

<AlexDaniel> committable6: 2015.12,HEAD <a b c d b e>.first(‘b’|‘a’).say
<committable6> AlexDaniel, ¦«2015.12»: a␤¦«HEAD»: any(b, a)

<AlexDaniel> committable6: 2015.12,HEAD <a b c d b e>.first(‘b’|‘a’, :end).say
<committable6> AlexDaniel, ¦«2015.12»: b␤¦«HEAD»: any(b, a)

In other words, .first used to return the first element even if you pass a
junction as a parameter. Now it returns another junction.

Bisectable points to this commit:

<timotimo> we're really hoping to use a matcher there, i think
<masak> .grep uses a matcher, and so .first ought to also

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