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Via IRC:

[15:39] <harmil_wk> Saw the note about unicode radixes and so immediately
[15:39] <harmil_wk> m: say :⒗<a>
[15:39] <+camelia> rakudo-moar 77a7a4: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Argument to
"say" seems to be malformed␤at <tmp>:1␤------> say⏏ :⒗<a>␤Confused␤at
<tmp>:1␤------> say :⏏⒗<a>␤    expecting any of:␤        colon pair␤Other
potential difficulties:␤    Unsupported…»
[15:46] <Ivanushka> harmil_wk: I see no reason why that shouldn't work.
Would you please rakudobug it and maybe ping MasterDuke about it, since
they might be more familiar with that code path

Also, a LTA error, even if that was considered invalid. Should probably
mention that a radix is a valid option there.

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