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$ perl6 -e 'multi a($a,:$enc,|c) { "enc" }; multi a($a,:$gzip!,|c) { "gzip" }; 
say a("foo",:gzip)’

$ perl6 -e 'multi a($a,:$gzip!,|c) { "gzip" }; multi a($a,:$enc,|c) { "enc" }; 
say a("foo",:gzip)’

In both cases I would expect to see “gzip”.  But apparently the order in which 
the candidates occur is important, even though one would expect the required 
named to be tighter?

Of course, on could order the candidates so that the required nameds are seen 
first.  However, that’s not an option if the first candidates are actually part 
of the setting  :-(  Which makes it quite hard to actually add candidates with 
extra nameds for builtins  :-(


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