On Sat Aug 06 11:59:50 2016, sml...@gmail.com wrote:
> To subscribe to incoming data of a connected IO::Socket::Async, the
> choices currently are:
> .Supply() -- get UTF-8 decoded data as Str
> .Supply(:bin) -- get raw data as Buf
> In analogy to the open() function that takes both :bin and :enc
> adverbs, this should probably also accept :enc to allow dealing with
> text-based protocols in different encodings:
> .Supply(:enc<utf8-c8>)
This is now implemented. You can also set the default encoding that should 
apply when calling `.listen` and `.connect` (the one on .Supply always take 
precedence, however). That also sets the encoding for the sake of `.print`.

Tests in S32-io/IO-Socket-Async.t.


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