>>>>> "BS" == Benjamin Stuhl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> Now where
>> sub recursive() { my $a :shared; ....; return
>> recursive() }
>> would put $a or even which $a is meant, is left as an
>> excersize
>> for someone brighter than me.

BS> %P6-E-MEANINGLESS, "my $a : shared" is a meaningless
BS> construct.

Please explain in simple words why?

What is so unreasonable about this?

        sub foo {
                my @a :shared;

                sub bar { ...; $a; .... }

                # create new thread with bar
                # create new thread with bar

                while (....) {
                  push(@a, $workOrder);

Or for that matter, perhaps @a is file scoped?

:shared and my/our are orthogonal. One is cross-thread the other is

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