Sorry if this is a repeat, but I didn't get my own mail back, so I
think I may have had sending problems.

On Aug-09, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> Luke Palmer and I started work on the grammar engine this past week.
> It's a wee bit too early in the process for us to be making any
> promises about when people might be seeing releases and the like.
> But I think he and I are in agreement that we'd like to have a grammar
> engine substantially completed (at least to the level of being able
> to "bootstrap" a Perl 6 compiler) within the next 3-4 months.

I have one of those too, in languages/regex. The parser is crap, and
the implementation of the translation has probably seen a few too many
rounds of evolution, but I believe the output is the Right Way To Do
It and is relatively easy to extend to support the rest of the Perl6
features. Okay, maybe it's only One Of The Right Ways To Do It. I'd be
interested in knowing what your output looks like, and encourage you
-- if it's close enough -- to steal my rewrite rules wholesale.
(Actually, the parser used in the languages/perl6 directory is pretty
nice; the one in languages/regex that I use for testing is crap.)

See languages/regex/docs/regex.pod for an introductory document on
this style of rule implementation. I wrote it a while back, and have
added at least one more fundamental concept to what I laid out there,
but it should be more or less valid nonetheless.

I left off working on it long ago to concentrate on beefing up the
Perl6 compiler enough to make it an interesting host language, but
recently I've (locally) added match objects and a parse tree. I have
rules, but I was holding off grammars until someone else braver and
smarter than I beat on Parrot's object support a bit more. The various
cuts are straightforward additions that I've already sketched out, and
everything else is gravy. Heh.

And I'm really wishing I had picked Jako or one of the other
languages/* as a sample host language...

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