On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 05:43:01PM +0200, Robin Redeker wrote:
: Maybe per .-file in the home-directory, like .vimrc ...

Only if pulled in with a "use".  I don't want to see Perl programs
implicitly starting in a variant language.  Dialects must be declared.
Otherwise you're in a situation like having a URI that starts at
an unknown root.  Have you ever noticed how frustrating it can be
to sit down at someone else's vim sessions and discovering there
are all sorts of implicit keyboard remappings you don't know about?
At least with a language we have the possibility of declaring up
front for anyone to see which variant of the language we're using.

: > The only place I can see a problem is when reading other people's code,
: > but then I expect that the hue and cry would be such that *someone*
: > would write a tool to make it easy to transmogrify other perl6 dialects
: > into the one they particularly like to use. And given how well perl6
: > will grok perl6, such a tool shouldn't be too difficult to write.
: Java-people also invent new tools to ease the pain of writing java-code.
: But Perl6 isn't as static as Java (of course) and will mutate into 
: a custom language for any dedicated Perl6 programmer.
: It will be hard/easy to read someones elses Perl6 code regardless of the 
: self->method() syntax.

That's why it's important not to allow implicit redeclarations of syntax.

: > > whose favorite will be the default? None at all? An explicit call,
: > > like $?SELF.method () ?
: > 
: > Were I $Larry, that's what I'd do if people kept bringing it up and
: > carping about the syntax that works--decide there's no default and you
: > *always* have to be explicit in one way or another.
: > 
: > Boy am I glad I'm not $Larry  ;-)
: I would be completly fine with $?SELF.method () as default.

That works by default.  ;-)

: > > Will we end in something like 
: > > 
: > > use
: > > 
: > 
: > If that's your desire, perl ain't stopping you  :-)
: I wanted to express my fear that perl6 might is pushing me
: to do that or others to do that.

As long as that big "use" declaration is there at the top, we're at least
forewarned.  But it is my silly hope that Standard Perl 6 will be easy
enough that people will be too Lazy to define their own major variants
most of the time.  Plus I'm hoping there will be some cultural pressure
on gratuitous variants.  (Though obviously if we provide a "self" pragma,
we're encouraging a particular set of variants as part of the standard


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