I was thinking about lazyness and IO and worked out this potenial
gotcha.  In essence its quite simmler to the pipe buffering problems
you sometimes can get in perl5.

my IO $news = io("nntp://nntp.perl.org",:rw); # Open a nntp connection

my $banner  = =$news # Throw away the banner. So far so good.

say($news,"group perl.perl6.language"); # Also no problem
my $status = =$news;


my @artical <= grep { True .. /^.$/ } <= for =$news; # Is this
                                                      # construction 
                                                      # right?  Anyway
                                                      # you should get
                                                      # what I'm trying
                                                      # todo.

say($news,"article @artical[0]");

for =$news -> {say};
# What happens at this point? Lazyness means that only the first
# artical number has been read.  Does my for loop here have the side
# effect of causing the rest of artical list to be read into @artical?
# This is what I would hope would happen.

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