according to S29 [1], neither map nor grep allow mutation: 
  multi sub Perl6::Array::map (@values,   Code $expression) returns Lazy 
  multi sub  Perl6::List::map (Code $expression : [EMAIL PROTECTED]) returns 
  multi sub Perl6::Array::grep (@values :      Code *&test  ) returns Lazy 
  multi sub Perl6::Array::grep (@values,   MatchTest $test  ) returns Lazy 
  multi sub  Perl6::List::grep (MatchTest $test :   [EMAIL PROTECTED]) returns 
OTOH, Perl 5 did allow it: 
  my @array  = (0, 1, 2, 3); 
  my @result = map { $_++; 42 } @array; 
  print @result;   # 42424242 
  print @array;    # 1234 
Is this a bug in S29 or will this be feature removed from Perl 6 
and you'll have to say (for example) 
  use listops :mutating; 
  my @result = map { $_++; 42 } @array;  # works now 
What about reduce? (FWIW, I'd like it to allow mutation.) 
What about sort?   (FWIW, I'd like it to not allow mutation, 
as allowing mutations would probably prevent many 
[1] http://svn.openfoundry.org/pugs/docs/AES/S29draft.pod 
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