Am 23.07.2010 00:29, schrieb Damian Conway:
However, those *are* clunky and nigh unreadable, so I certainly wouldn't
object to having the index of the next generated element readily
available as an explicit variable in a series' generator block.

That would make all manner of evil both easier and cleaner.>;-)

I'm still not convinced.

Yes, it would be convient, but I've yet to see a non-contrived example where it's actually necessary, and which can't be implemented trivially with other Perl 6 tools.

The series code is already rather complex (and thus slow), and having to add introspection to find out whether the production code object accepts a named parameter 'i' is not going to help in any way.

IMHO we are in the "what can we add?" phase, while we should be in the "what can we take away?" design phase.


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