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> It shouldn't be too hard to write a Perl 5 script, to be run as
> part of Rakudo's build process, that automatically updates the
> leap-second table in tai-utc.pm.

Dogfood failure.

That should be a Perl 6 script.

Yes, really, I'm serious about this, and the importance of this.
Whilst Perl 5 isn't self-hosting, it builds a perl interpreter as early as
possible and uses that for the rest of the build system. This

a: makes it easier for more end users to be able to fix things that hurt them,
   increasing the pool of potential core contributors
b: ensures that the core contributors are end uses of the language they

I think one weakness of Parrot is that it uses almost no Parrot-based language
in its own build system. You need to know Perl 5 or C to be useful to the
Parrot core. And if you gain your fun by working on the Parrot core, you
actually stop being a Parrot user, and hence experiencing what they

Nicholas Clark

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