On Wed, Mar 16, 2005 at 10:46:29PM +0100, Juerd wrote:
: Larry Wall skribis 2005-03-16  9:41 (-0800):
: > Except that q:meta would be an upgrade in terms of specialness,
: > and besides, it's inside out from what you want, which is to quote
: > a particular argument to a string interpolation, not the entire
: > interpolation.  It just wants to be a miscellaneous function hidden
: > in the bowels of the core somewhere.
: Doesn't it want to be the method .escaped then? The method could support
: all kinds of escaping/encoding.

The question is, escaped for what?  quotemeta() is rather Unix-centric
in a conservative sort of way.

Maybe we're just talking about an option to .as().


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