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> Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 3:18 AM
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> Subject: New S29 draft up
> I just posted a fresh copy of S29 to:
>  http://www.rodadams.net/Perl/S29.pod
>  http://www.rodadams.net/Perl/S29.html
> New:
>  All defined functions have been restructured into packages.
>  Perl6::Arrays, Perl6::Lists, and Perl6::Hashes are (mostly) written.
>  Some Math::Basic and Math::Trig functions added.
>  :'s have been added into signatures where they belong.
>  various other clean ups.

  Isn't there also supposed to be an Arrays::kv?  Also, I'm pretty sure
Larry said the Lists::reduce should go in the core.

Let me try to define them.

multi sub kv (Array @array : [EMAIL PROTECTED]) returns List
Returns the indexes and associated values stored in @array, lazily and in
order by index. Optionally, only those of the slice defined by @indices.

multi sub reduce (Code $expression : [EMAIL PROTECTED]) returns List
   my $res;
   for @values -> $cur {
        FIRST {$res = $cur; next;}
     $res = &$expression($res, $cur);

Joe Gottman

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