Luke Palmer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Can I use slice notation when dealing with strings?
> >
> >    say $string[-1]; # say substr($string, -1);
> >    $string[0..2] = "Hello";
> No.  I'm pretty sure that's the Right Thing, too.  First, the "sixth
> element" in a string depends on how you're defining "element": byte,
> codepoint, grapheme, etc.  Second, if you think you're using an array,
> and it's actually a string (even ""), then you'll be missing an error
> (though I understand that this is a weak argument).  Third, we already
> have substr.

A while back, I think I suggested that .{bytes,points,graphs,chars} be
defined to return an array with the contents of the string split into
the indicated pieces.  If this was a tied array which updated the
underlying string, would we get the OP's behavior for free?

    say $string.chars[-1];
    $string.points.splice(0, 2, "Hello"); # Or "Hello".points

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