Juerd wrote:

Austin Hastings skribis 2005-03-21 15:55 (-0500):

I'd like to see nothing as just an alias for {}.
if $expr
do nothing;
Possibly the most clear piece of P6 code ever.

Dangerous, though :)

do nothing if $input =~ /\W/;
system "rm -- $input";

But yes, an alias would be nice. There have been some cases where I
wanted to explicitly state "} else { do nothing }" to make clear that it
was not a design bug.

However, the very same thing can be done with a simple comment:

   } else {
       # do nothing

And that is exactly what I do.

But you can't solve

 nothing while something();

with a comment. Well, not gracefully. Not without inline comments, at least.

There seems to be some support for just saying:

 {} while something();

I would also hope the compiler could optimize away something like:

 sub nothing () {};

-- Rod Adams

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