Er, I'm not sure you will want to--I'm using PPI's evil twin brother,
"PPD" (the actual Perl parser). I've just modified it so it doesn't
forget anything I want it to remember. (As you know, the standard
parser throws away gobs of useful information, everything from
whitespace and comments to pruned opcode subtrees. I have a version
that doesn't do that, by and large, though I'm still finding fiddly

So I'm presuming that you don't intend this as a tool that can do mass porting of code (due to the dependency issues), but rather as something for helping individual module authors port individual files/modules.

Also curious how you handle BEGIN and friends... I take they are executed and then pruned, and end up unpruned in your XML?

Also curious if you have managed to keep comments, POD etc...

Adam K

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