On Mon, Mar 28, 2005 at 01:30:14PM -0700, Craig DeForest wrote:
: Yow -- units would be extra cool for perl6: I know of no other language that 
: has units support built in.  It would go a long way toward making perl6 the 
: language of choice for students in the physical sciences...

Well, yes.  I certainly would have liked it back when I was taking
physics, but I had to make do with BASIC/PLUS.  One of the reasons I
eventually got hired on at the college's computer center was that the
director was impressed by the fact that my physics program to calculate
the gravitational constant from my experimental data was named "G".
He said, "Everyone else always names their programs with the full six
available characters."  So he knew I was a Lazy Critter from the start.


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