Luke Palmer skribis 2005-03-29  6:14 (-0700):
>     method iterate () {
>         for (@.objs) {
>             .process($_);   # oops
>         }
>     }

There is an alarming similarity with

    for (@hashes) {

Which doesn't quite use $self! .<>, .[], .{} are method calls, visually,
and should act on the same thing as their unbracketed dot friends.
Subscripting an object is bad style, so $_ for that really is the better
option, I think.

$_ is the topic, and I think that if we have two topics, Perl gets as
convoluted as Japanese for someone who doesn't understand the language.
With loop constructs, the idiomatic syntax for getting a non-$_ is 
"-> $foo", and a similar thing can be done with methods: "($foo:)".

But please, let's have a single topic, and let that always be $_. If you
want to access an outer $_, that's $OUTER::_, or its alias, $foo. Just
like everywhere else in Perl. This consistency makes it easy to learn
and easy to debug when it bites.


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