Thomas Sandlaà wrote:
  Int|Str <: Str && Str <: Int|Str && Int|Str <: Int && Int <: Int|Str

Uhh, I hardly believe that it was me writing that last night! Int|Str is of course a proper supertype of Int and Str respectively. So we really have: Str <: Str|Int && Int <: Str|Int, which warps us back to the co-/contravar problem of polymorphic rw containers. And that doesn't help very much in achieving high flexibility under the benevolence of strong typing.

Given an even more complex Any type that encompasses the general
purpose types of Perl6---namely Str, Int, Num, Bool and Refs thereof---
the lazy Perl6 programmer gets what Perl5 did all the time. This is
what is called "Render the Illusion of Simplicity".

The solution is to make the juntive supertype on the polymorphic array itself, which actually is much clearer:

class Array does Array of Str | Array of Int | ...
{ ... }

I'm not saying that this is easy to implement, but I'd appreciate
if it were part of Perl6 for a comprehensive set of types. I would
also expect some work on the side of new classes/types to participate
in this rw Array scheme.
TSa (Thomas SandlaÃ)

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