Andrew Savige said:
> Is there a definitive, official, complete list of all Perl 6 operators,
> along with their precedence levels?

I believe that Kurt Gödel, in a corollary to his famous theorem, also
showed that "Any Perl 6 list is either indefinitive or incomplete".

Well, Synopsis 3 is the list you're looking for, but it's clearly not
all there.  Take the table there to be your definitive list, and mail
questions about its accuracy here.  I'll do my best to keep up with you
and maintain it.

> For example, this Perl 6 program:
> my $i = 0;
> $i ~^= 2;
> Pugs currently rejects with:
> pugs: cannot cast into a handle: VInt 2
> Since ~^ is string xor, I guessed that ~^= would be allowed.

Yeah, any binary operator that takes two Xs to an X should have an =
form.  It might even be that any operator which takes an X on its left
hand side and maps it to an X should have an = form, but it's probably
best to keep it at the former requirement for now.


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