On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 07:22:48PM +0200, Thomas Sandla▀ wrote:
: HaloO Larry,
: you wrote:
: >for ordinary functions.  If it gets really popular people might
: >even start writing:
: >
: >    sub foo :(Str,Int) {...}
: I like it, but that could mean it will not become popular :))
: And this is also nice:
: sub foo :(Str,Int) of Str {...}
: Is a closure return type indicated with this siglet syntax, too?
: sub foo :(Str,Int) of :(Any) {...}

You would need :() only to group multiple siglets into a single type.
So an Any can stand on its own.

: Will there be an announcement if this syntax becomes official?

Paint it official unless someone can come up with a good counterargument.

: BTW, would it be a good idea that you make such decisions known on p6a?

p6a is for political announcements, not technical.  :-)

Things actually become "official" when they get put into synopses.

Unfortunately, I don't have much time to edit synopses much these days.
No billionaires have written me into their will lately (or if they
have, they haven't pegged out yet), so for now I have to earn my
own way out of the financial hole I'm in, and that takes a lot of
time away from Perl.  I'm just barely keeping up with the email,
and I'm not getting anything done on the translator.  Sorry.

If you want to help, earn a billion dollars and write me into your
will.  And then peg out.  Nothing personal.  :-)


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