Yuval Kogman wrote:
You can perform set operations on them:


Hmm, that would produce a boolean index.

is the subscript for everything but the second to last element.

By using a context enforcer (subscript [] ?, maybe since lists are
lazyy they can just be subscripts when used that way?) you can get a
subscript object, which you can then use in a subscript, and it
flattens out.

The set math is done by special casing junctions, perhaps?

I'm not the junction expert, but it's said that they wrap around indexing/slicing! So the @array[!-2] would just read @array[none(-2)]? But how does none() get the base set where the second to last is excluded from?

my @array;


@array[$subscript | $other]; # union

That is valid already.

@array[$subscript & $other]; # intersection

This'll do autothreaded, indexed access with the outcome of the all() junction.

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