On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 02:58:44PM +0200, Juerd wrote:
> Am I the only one who thinks <[a-z]> is ugly and hard to type because of
> the nested brackets? The same goes for <{...}>. The latter can't easily
> be fixed, I think, but the former perhaps can. 

Part of the thinking behind this is that the <[...]> construct
is likely to be less common in p6 rules than [...] was in p5 regular
expressions.  For unicode reasons, one typically should be writing
<alpha> instead of <[a-z]> anyway.  

But yes, I understand the difficulty of typing <[...]> on non-US
keyboards.  :-)

> \letter[] could well replace <[]>, and \LETTER[] would then replace
> <-[]>. This is consistent with many other \letters.
> "c" for character is taken
> "r" for range is taken by carriage return
> "a" for any is taken by alarm (bell)
> "l" for list is taken by lcfirst

Actually, \L[...] is gone -- see S05 and A05.  I'm not sure if \a
exists, I haven't seen any reference to it in p6 rules.  (One could
claim that it's carried over from p5, but rules are so far different
from regexes that I'm hesitant to make that assumption.)  We could
certainly declare \a to be something else.

This isn't a vote from me either in favor or against this idea...
I'm just clarifying and making sure the discussion is up-to-date
with the relevant specs.


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