I would like to get rid of all those implicit scopes.  The only
exception would be that any topicalizing modifier allocates a private
lexical $_ scoped to just that statement.  But dynamic scoping may
happen only at explicit block boundaries.

I can see the argument for the other side, where any "deferred"
code is treated as a kind of closure regardless of whether there are
explicit curlies around it.  That would solve certain problems like
defining the scopes of the lexicals in

    $a = $x ?? my $y :: my $z;

or the infamous

    my $x = 1 if $y;

to extend only to the subexpressions in which they find themselves.
But it's not what naive users expect, and it's hard to explain, so I
think we should stick with explicit curlies for most of our scoping
needs, even if it means letting certain variables hang around undefined
because their initialization was never executed.


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