Roie Marianer skribis 2005-04-16 18:28 (+0300):
> My suggestion is to check for delimiters only when it's ambiguous: Inside a 
> variable name (qq x$varxy -> "$var"y), and at the beginning of every 
> subscript of a scalar, and every subscript after the first one of an array, 
> hash of sub (because in these cases the first subscript is mandatory).
> [...]
> both mean 'a'. If the Perl 5 behaviour is maintained, then there is no chance 
> at all of ever mistaking a subscript for a closing delimiter, which makes the 
> only special case qq x$varxy.

I wouldn't mind at all if alphanumeric delimiters should go. I have
never seen them used in serious programming, and if they present a
problem with natural parsing, then why keep them around?

Obfuscation is nice, but let's not design the language around that.


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