According to Dave Whipp:
> It'd also suggest that C<open> et al should be methods on a directory 
> object (default object for the global forms would be $*ENV.cwd)

There is no system call "fd_relative_open".  You can only open
relative to the current directory, not just any directory.[*] It'd be
mean to mislead people into thinking it was always available, but if
you put a big "this may not work!" on it, sure.

> How do you get the cwd? You call $*ENV.cwd. How to you get its name? You 
> use it in string context.

No, that just hides the fact that you're still arbitrarily preferring
one method of getting the cwd.

[*] Using the fchdir() system call, you can get close, but it takes
    three system calls instead of one; and if you have no fchdir(),
    you're out of luck.  Oh, and it's not thread-safe.
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