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Does the current design of Perl 6's hyper operators allow for "hyper-slices"? I.e., if I want to model a matrix by using a list of lists, is the following code valid/useful?

my @matrix=([1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]);

my @row = @matrix[0]; # first row
my @col = @matrix>>[0]; #first column

my @transposed = @matrix>>[0..2];

I don't know if this case has been discussed earlier; is extracting an element considered a unary operation? Is there some use for this notation, other than what I just said?

I suppose the same could be said for Lists of Hashes:

my @records=({name=>"Tom",age=>27},{name=>"Dick",age=>33});

my @names= @records>>{'name'};
say @names;
# Tom Dick

Of course, for this to be useful, the lists would have to be homogenous; @array is List of Hashes (excuse the syntax; I'm still getting up to speed with a lot of the P6 specific issues).

Again, apologies if this is a closed domain/already has some other method of retrieving the same information.


David Christensen

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