On Saturday 16 April 2005 7:40 pm, Larry Wall wrote:
> : Basically I'm wondering if there's a detailed
> : specification of how <<>> should work.
> That's a really good question, and since I don't offhand know the
> right answer, I'll put this up onto the fence so it can topple over
> into p6l-land where there are many king's horses and many king's men,
> and the question is who's to be master, that's all.

> : 1. qq x$varx eq $var? (That's how it works in Perl5, anyway)
> I think I'd prefer that we disallow alphanumeric delims in P6.
OK, I took the delimiter-finding part out so that it can be replaced by 
something that only allows certain types of punctuation later.

By the way, Juerd, you convinced me. My example was contrieved and there are 
many other (better) ways to do it. (The fact that Larry Is Always Right 
helped, of course)

> : 2. If the delimiter is not a single character (I think this only applies
> : to <<>>), does a backslash protect the first character or both?
> I would look at it from the other direction.  When used as a quote
> rather than a meta-syntax starter, backslash only ever quotes a
> single character, never a token.
Done (locally, it will probably be committed later)
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