On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 09:38:28AM -0700, Larry Wall wrote:
> As someone who is currently trying to write a perfect p5-to-p5 [sic]
> translator, you have to somehow remember the parens (and whitespace
> (and comments (and constant-folded subtrees))) to have a complete AST
> representation of the original text.  Or maybe it should be called
> a CST instead of an AST in that case...

I see.  Do you think preserving the /span/ (i.e. the character offset ranges)
of each AST element is enough to do that?  That effectively means each
node points to a substring inside the original source string.

That way, p6-to-p6 translators in the future can, at worst, trigger a
reparse under the appropriate subrules level, and obtain the information
we optimized away.


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