Larry Wall skribis 2005-04-21  8:54 (-0700):
>     if $filename ~~ -r & -w & -x {...}

Just curious - would the following dwym?

    if (&prefix:<-r> & &prefix:<-w> & &prefix:<-x>)($filename) { ... }

> It seems to me that -e $_ would handle most of these cases, as long as
> whitespace always comes in quoted so that you always end up with one word.
> That seems more general than a special option to -X ops.

Wouldn't it be a good option to combine the filetest operators into one
operator? It'd even be historically correct to call that test:

    test(:r & :w, $fn);

I still like -r -w $fn much better than the binding and the ~~ things.


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