What about . for each level up you want to go?
instead of 1.say, 2.say, 3.say
you use .say, ..say, ...say
(Ok, I'm just kidding.. really!)

I read your message after I suggested the same thing (I'm too impatient to read all new messages before sending replies).

Why were you just kidding? I think it's a great idea.

I like it too.

In normal writing ... acts as a kind of 'think back' operator. Even though the writer uses it to signal an afterthought - it also makes the reader 'think back' to what preceded the afterthought.

Syntax like .say ..say ...say enables the writer to add an afterthought and the reader to 'think back' to precisely the right scope. It allows you to have N scopes too .....say, that would be cool.

I hope this doesn't cause trouble for yada yada because I really like that operator too.


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