Steven Philip Schubiger skribis 2005-04-25  5:41 (+0200):
> That was to be expected, as it's no language-design specific issue,
> and therefore, unsuitable for p6l.
> : print ++$i, $i++; # 3 2
> You're misleaded here, by thinking, scalar context is being enforced,
> which is not the case; the results of the increment operator operations (ops) 
> on the scalar are being passed in (implicit) array context to the print 
> builtin.

I don't know how it's called on other levels, but we're still calling
that list|slurpy|plural context. "array context" looks too much like
"Array context", which is something else.

In array context, @foo is passed as the array that it is. In
list context, it is flattened. Big and very important difference.


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