Juerd writes:
> Luke Palmer skribis 2005-04-26  9:28 (-0600):
> > Labels are pretty easy to pick out.  I don't believe there is any other
> > thing in the language that, at the beginning of a statement, matches
> > /\w+\:/ .  They are certainly available in Perl 6 (as are plain old line
> > labels; we're not getting rid of goto, to many's dismay (but not mine)).
> Indirect method call on default invocant:
>     method: args;
> Quoting:
>     qq:to/foo/ ==> say;
>     s:2nd/foo/bar/;
> The latter can be fixed by requiring \w+:\s+, but the former I think
> cannot.

That's true, but the former hasn't been accepted.  That's not something
I considered when I was thinking about that proposal, but I think it's
a fairly minor issue.  We'll ignore labels as we continue to weigh that
proposal, and redo label syntax later if we must.


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